St. Philomena Iganga Babies Home, Jinja, Uganda



About Iganga Babies Orphanage

St. Philomena Iganga Babies Home is in the Eastern part of Uganda and was started in 1952 by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa on behalf of the Diocese, who provided the necessary infrastructure for the home.

In 1973 the Little Sisters of St. Francis were handed over the home. Today, the home cares for twenty-four orphans between the ages of one month to four years old. Some of the children were admitted at a day old. The home has the capacity to care for forty children; but due to a lack of funds, they were forced to limit the amount of children they could take in.

The Home cares for the orphans with love and motherly attention until they reach the age of four or five years old. At this age they are either re-united with their relatives (if known) or they are taken to another orphanage that will provide for their education.

They also encourage loving families to adopt them.


  • To care for orphans who would have no chance to survive unless someone intervenes.
  • To give hope where there seems to be none by caring for abandoned children whose parents or relatives cannot be traced.

Donated diapers are gratefully received The Babies Home depends solely on charity, friends and donations. Their strength is in Divine Providence and also utilizing the piece of land around the premises to plant vegetables and bananas for food.

There is so much to do with very little coming in. Please pray to see if God will move on your heart to help support the orphans.

View Brochure for info regarding charitable donations.